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This is a very useful method of selling and buying fine art and antiques.

It is extremely helpful to those uninitiated in the ways of the art market and for those that are, mainly professionals, it removes some of the more onerous tasks for the administrator associated with handling the sale of probate items in particular.

By using a broker who is completely ‘au fait’ with the market the client will benefit in a number of ways. If Vost’s arranges a sale by auction they do not charge the client, they receive their fee by way of introductory commission from the auction house. The vendor only pays normal auction charges.

Using our knowledge and experience a client can maximise the value achieved for their items by having them placed in the right auction at the right time. Vost’s will manage the sale for their client and they have very useful input in the marketing of items. They organise the transport arrangements (charges deducted from sale proceeds), ensure the contract between client and auction room is fair and accurate, and negotiate favourable commission rates, insurance and illustration charges on the client’s behalf. Far too often art and antiques are sold at the wrong time and in the wrong place, poorly marketed and poorly catalogued. This happens even in the most famous auction rooms.

If you are a buyer you may be too busy to source and acquire the antiques and works of art that you are looking to furnish your home with. By using Vost’s your nervousness about buying things that may not be genuine or paying through the nose for them can be obviated. Or, if you are a collector, Vost’s can assist you in sourcing items. You can benefit from our long experience of handling antiques and works of art to buy articles that are genuine and at a figure far less than you would normally pay when buying from a typical retailer. Vost’s will charge a fee for doing this. The fee is normally commission based and this is negotiated at the outset of any instruction.

This aspect of brokerage is often used by clients upsizing their property or those furnishing a second home. Corporate buyers will often do the same when furnishing their headquarters.

Vost’s will identify, through consultation, just what you are looking for. They will source it, buy it on your behalf and deliver it. Having identified the style or period you wish to furnish in they will then locate the item/s and provide images, usually by e-mail, just to make sure you are on the same wavelength. Before purchase they will seek condition reports and, subject to them meeting the criteria, will then bid at auction on your behalf.

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